2009 JYC Cruising

Annual Cruise

 July 25th to August 2nd


The annual cruise will be going to Shelter Island, New York. There are several quiet and scenic harbors. For most harbors anchoring will be necessary.  It is planned to spend Friday at the Shelter Island Yacht Club and moorings will be reserved there. Moorings can be available at SIYC on Thursday also if needed. Some members of Jamestown Yacht Club will also join the cruise.


 July 25th (Sat.)        Jamestown to Block Island (mooring or anchor)                                        

 July 26th (Sun.)      Block Island to Coecles Harbor on Shelter Island (anchor)        

 July 27th (Mon.)     Coecles Hardbor on Shelter Island (anchor)

 July 28th (Tue.)      Coecles Harbor to West Neck Harbor (anchor)                         

July 29th (Wed.)     West Neck Harbor (anchor)

July 30th (Thu.)      Robins Island (anchor) or SIYC, Deering (mooring)

 July 31st (Fri.)        SIYC, Deering (mooring)

 August 1st (Sat.)     Deering to Fishers Island (West Harbor) (anchor)            

 August 2nd (Sun.)   Fishers Island to Jamestown                                                                              


For those wishing to extend the cruise, after leaving Deering Harbor, boats will head for the Connecticut River (Essex and Hamburg Cove), with the night of Saturday August 1st in Greenport or Coecles Harbor