The Jamestown Yacht Club's

Fool's Rules Regatta

Fools sink or sail at East Ferry
(story from The Jamesown Press)

1998s Results

Class One

1st: Schuyler Sousa of Jamestown, Sea Tiger
2nd: Marilyn St. Ours of Jamestown, Butterflies in Distress
3rd: Sarah Logan of Jamestown, Rub-a-Dub Tub

Class Two

1st: Paul and Alex Byrnes of Jamestown, Dad's Design
2nd: Molly and Keira Mahoney of Jamestown, Little Dripper
3rd: Kenny and Erica Lush of Jamestown, Picnic Boat

Class Three

1st: Christopher Logan of Jamestown, Fooly Charged
2nd: Tara Vessella of Jamestown, 3-Some
3rd: Peter Gaston of Jamestown, The Big Kahuna

Class Four

1st: Jen Burron of Jamestown, Bag O Wind
2nd: Ali, Jackie, and Georgia Glassie and Jodie Woodside of Jamestown, Water Bug
3rd: Audrey Anderson, Pamela Spencer, Cheryl Race, and Paula Cantara of Jamestown, Twisted Sister

Unlimited Class

1st: John Matson of Portsmouth, Kaos
2nd: Willie MacLean of Jamestown, Broken Nose
3rd: Frank Newman et al of Jamestown, Immunity on the Bounty

Special Awards

Most Ingenious Design: Dan Thorton of Warren, (designed by George Silvia)
Worst Example of Naval Architecture: Cyrus Woolard and Andrean Thompson of Jamestown, Men in Boats
Judges' Award: Frank Newman of Jamestown, Immunity on the Bounty

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