The Jamestown Yacht Club's

Fool's Rules Regatta

Foolish Sailors Rule
(story from The Jamesown Press)

1999s Results

Class One

1st: "Trick Cyclist" Nick Duff
2nd: "Bugger Board" Libby Boghossian
3rd: "Chris Craft" Chris Santilli

Class Two

1st: "Bucket of Trouble" Davis and Michael Marshall
2nd: "Picnic Boat" Eric and Kenny Lush
3rd: "Bubbles" Anna Miniutti, Mariah Viefrim

Class Three

1st: "Megaladon" Vincent Potts
2nd: "Morning Wood" Capt. Dave Malboeuf
3rd: "Yellow Pine Pallette" Casey Brown

Class Four

1st: "Hey It Floats" Chris Logan
2nd: "Waterbug" Ali, Georgia, and Jackie Glassie, and Jodie W.
3rd: "Bag O Wind" Jen Barron

Unlimited Class

1st: "Paranha 2" Harold Whiting
2nd: "No Rules" Jim FitzHarris
3rd: "The Neale Express" Tucker Neale

Special Awards

Most Ingenious Design: The Good Shipo Mr. Zip, Zip, Zip with its "top secret" ballon sails that were revealed only at the starting gun.  The Boat was designed by John Biddle and members of the All-Guy Choir.
Worst Example of Naval Architecture: Barely Afloat - the name says it all, designed and operated by Alexander Roos.
Judges' Award: Garbage Barge, made by Ben and Owen Duff, with its sail embedded with recyclable and cast-off materials.

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