The Jamestown Yacht Club's

Fool's Rules Regatta

A foolish time on the water
(originally published in The Jamesown Press)

2000s Results

Class One

1st: "Sweeeet Dreams" Daniel Armington
2nd: "Jetskier" Nick Duff
3rd: "Umbrella Boat" Alice Toll

Class Two

1st: "Franks and Beans" William Reynolds and Dan Ramos
2nd: "Double C" Craig and Carl Rossi
3rd: "Picnic Boat" Erica Lush and Lizzie Gooding

Class Three

1st: "Ship of Chief Fools" Joseph, Christopher and Sarah Logan
2nd: "3-Some" C. J. Pickett, captain and two crew members
3rd: "Morning Wood" David Malboeuf and his crew of two

Class Four

1st: "Waterbug" Georgia Glassie
2nd: "Bag O Wind" Jen Barron
3rd: "Half Shell" Sam Baugh
Each of the Class Four entries had four crewmember

Unlimited Class

1st: "Lickety-Split" Fred Pease and crew of six
2nd: "Kaos" captain John Matson
3rd: "Armada Who Art in Heaven" captain Frank Newman

Special Awards

Most Ingenious Design: Morning Wood - David Malboeuf
Worst Example of Naval Architecture: Occupied - Frank Newman
Judges' Award: Junk Food Junk - Ben and Owen Duff

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