The Jamestown Yacht Club's

2002 Fools' Rules Regatta


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2002's Results

Class One

1st: "Quick Silver" Rogan van Gruisen
2nd: "Silver Sofa II" Natalie Nazarian
3rd: "Silver Sofa I" Hayley Flood

Class Two

1st: "Fools' Advice" Erica Lush
2nd: "The Plankton" Matt Sardinha
3rd: "Hopeful" Philip and Claire Steggall

Class Three

1st: "Rainbow's End, Pot of Silver" Joe, Nancy, and Sarah Logan
2nd: "Imagine" Dean Gaskill, Sherry Seskin
3rd: "Slumber Sloop" Amina Brown

Class Four

1st: "Water Bug" Ali, Georgia, and Jackie Glassie and Stephanie Sallum
2nd: "Bag-o-Wind" Jennifer Barron
3rd: "G.I.P.'s" Bob Kolb

Unlimited Class

1st: "Boatox" Frank Newman
2nd: "Silver Bullet"  John Matson
3rd: "The Sink or Swim" Peter and Suzanne Fay

Special Awards

Most Ingenious Design: Water Bug - Alison, Georgia, Jacqui Glassie, Stephanie Sallum
Worst Example of Naval Architecture: Havin' A Ball - Jay and Timmy Mayers
Judges' Award: Holy Mackerel - John Deputy, Allan Redfern

Pictures courtesy of Roy Guay

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