The Jamestown Yacht Club's

2003 Fools' Rules Regatta


Creative fun floats the boats at annual Fools' Rules Regatta
(originally published in The Jamesown Press)

2003's Results

Class One

1st: "Sono 2" Kenny Lush
2nd: "The Odie Boat" James Marcotte
3rd: "Turtle Boat" Kaile Roos

Class Two

1st: "Cinq" Sarah Pease and Amanda Romano
2nd: "Yacht Cy" Ben Schmidt and Jeremy Page
3rd: "S.S. Ian Huner Peter" Justin Galant and Frank Andres

Class Three

1st: "Unsinkable" Case Brown, Andy Jakovitz, and Michael Schnack
2nd: "3 Many Lids" Tim and Billy Hluchan, and Michael Marshall
3rd: "The Pink Panther" Paige Andrews, and Keira and Molly Mahoney

Class Four

1st: "Water Bug" Ali, Georgia, and Jackie Glassie and Stephanie Sallum
2nd: "The Three Stooges" Kaan Kurt, and Jacob and Alicia Gomez
3rd: "Pride of Rosemary Lane" Andrew and Patrick Bretti with Sam and Leah Baines

Unlimited Class

1st: "F 135" Rich Karas
2nd: "C.P.'s Desire"  John Matson
3rd: "The Incredible Hull" Frank Newman

Special Awards

Most Ingenious Design: Captain Clueless And The Tour de Farce - Lynn Grandpre
Worst Example of Naval Architecture: Jamestown Sardines - Steve Meredith and family
Judges' Award: The Dragon Rider - Amina Brown

Pictures courtesy of Brooke Longval and Paul Bienvenue

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