The Jamestown Yacht Club's

27th Annual Fools' Rules Regatta


Fools rule in 27th regatta
(originally published in The Jamesown Press)

2004's Results

Class One

1st: “Water Flyer” - Kenny Lush
2nd: “Faella Farm” – Chris Faella
3rd: “Springing to the Max” – Erica Lush

Class Two

1st: “Water Works” - Philip Steggall & Greg Grisevich
2nd: “The 500 Bottle Boat” - Nat Hines & Matt Gregoire
3rd: “Jamestown Jammer” - Mae Roos & Paul Milunee

Class Three

1st: “Foolish Sea Quell” – David Malboeuf
2nd: “ Buzzy” – Geherly Gomez
3rd: “Glue Stick” – Derken, Mike, & Jim Schmidt

Class Four

1st: "Water Bug” - Ali, Georgia, & Jacqui Glassie, Stephanie Sallum
2nd: “Crab Rang Goon” – Molly Mahoney
3rd: “Soggy Dog” – Jeff Hunter

Unlimited Class

1st: “C. P.’s ‘Desire’ ” - John Matson
2nd: “The Jolly Dog” – Amina Brown
3rd: “Frankly Foolish” – Lucille & Jim Newman

Special Awards

Most Ingenious Design: “C. P.’s Desire” – John Matson (a gaff-rigged rocketship)
Worst Example of Naval Architecture: “The Trash Men” – Brian Volpe & Donald Muir (made of trash cans that fell apart)
Judges' Award: “Left Overs” – Donald Kelleter (crew covered with aluminum foil)

Pictures courtesy of
Sue Fay

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Created by Roy Guay - updated 06 September 2004