The Jamestown Yacht Club's

28th Annual Fools' Rules Regatta


Fools rule at East Ferry
(originally published in The Jamesown Press)

2005's Results

Class One

1st: “Thunderbolt” - Alex Pardus
2nd: “Beacj Bi,” – Lauren McDonough

Class Two

1st: “Sterling Silver” - Gibson & Sterling Dintersmith
2nd: “Itsy Bitsy” - Erica Lush & Eliza Chase
3rd: “The S.S. More powerful than Superman, Batman, Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk put together 2000” - Nat Hines & Matt Gregoire

Class Three

1st: “Cannon Ball” – Peter Fay, Nick & Fred M.
2nd: “The Destroyer” – Jeremy Page, Ben Schmidt, Christian Tiexiera
3rd: “Udderly Ridiculous” – Bethany Reise, Mary Duchett, Hillary Vannof

Class Four

1st: "The Mortar, The Merrier” - Carl DeVellis
2nd: “Buzzy” – Geherly Gomez
3rd: “Unsinkable” – Casey Brown

Unlimited Class

1st: “Floatopian Tub” - David Malboeuf
2nd: “Leaky Tiki” – Amina Brown
3rd: “Nautical Nitwits” – Grampa Don & Alec Roberts

Special Awards

Most Ingenious Design: “Tie-Wrap Theory” – JMadeline & James Doherty
Worst Example of Naval Architecture: “Silver Bullet” – Michael Weedon
Judges' Award: “Leaky Tiki” – Amina Brown

Pictures courtesy of
Paul Bienvenue

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