The Jamestown Yacht Club's

30th Annual Fools' Rules Regatta


"Farms on the minds of fools in this year's event"
(originally published in The Jamesown Press)

2007's Results

Class One

1st: “The Top” – Dan Sevey (Wakefield, RI)
2nd: "Skipatron” – Connor Cusi-Asquith (California)
3rd: none

Class Two

1st: “Tubba-Wubba” – Nathan & Sadie Housberg (Jamestown)
2nd: “King of Fools” – Mac Roos & Carson White (Jamestown)
3rd: “Blueberry Pancake” – Garrett Roes & Dylan Pexton (Jamestown)

Class Three

1st: “Husky Noodle” – Jarod Carr (Jamestown)
2nd: “Conanicut Island For Sail – 350 Years” – Joe Logan, Danny & Jeffrey Huber (Jamestown)
3rd: “Speedy ‘G’” – Tim, Giles, & George Lemmon (Jamestown)

Class Four

1st: “Sail Mary” – Ben & Ethan Roach, Tyler McNamara & Grampy (Jamestown)
2nd: “The Inflata-Bull Cow-E II” – Jeff, Lisa & Laura Hunter, Shahin Barzin (Jamestown)
3rd: “Fun City” – John, Joe & Chris Faella, Tianchi Wu (Peace Dale, RI)

Unlimited Class

1st: “Spider Pig: An Exemplary Work of Extraordinary Courage” – Brenna McCabe (Portsmouth, RI)
2nd: “Sum Of All Fools” – Julie Bailey (Jamestown)
3rd: “Viking I” – Bob Boyer (Woonsocket, RI)

Special Awards

Karl Smith Most Ingenious Design: “The Inflata-Bull Cow-E II” – Jeff, Lisa, Laura Hunter, Shahin Barzin (Jamestown)
Worst Example of Naval Architecture: “Sea Bass” – Alex Renner (Uxbridge, Ma.)
Frank Newman Judges' Award: “Viking I” – Bob Boyer (Woonsocket, RI)

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Created by Roy Guay - updated 25 August 2007