The Jamestown Yacht Club's

34th Annual Fools' Rules Regatta

20 August 2011

"Fifty Boats compete in Fools' Rule Regatta"
(originally published in The Jamestown Press )

"There were 50 entrants, the majority of whom came from Jamestown and other RI communities.  There were also entrants from Oregon, Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, and spectators from as far away as South Africa.  A great time was had by all!"

Candy Powell

2011's Results

Class One

First Place - “Teddy's Tub Toy II” – Teddy Hackett (Warwick)
Second Place - “S.S. Seaweed” – Sophie Dasmalchi (Jamestown)
Third Place –

Class Two

First Place - “Team Norway” – Noah Kelleher & Andrew Sheerin (Upton, Ma.)
Second Place - "Tie Die” – Matt & Alyssa Gibbs (Jamestown)
Third Place – “No Name” – Stephen & Tim Follet (Wakefield)

Class Three

First Place - “Poly Vynl Catastrophe” – Alex Kintz, Steve, & Jim (Groton, Ct)
Second Place - “Spriley” – Paul, Spencer & Riley Sprague (Jamestown)
Third Place - “Bella's CAT-amaran” – Will & Mike Farley, Emma Patterson (Newport)

Class Four

First Place - “Island of the Blue Dolphins" – Finn & Gaelyn Dwyer, Anna and Hugh MacGillivray (Jamestown)
Second Place - “The Yacht” – Sam Waterman, Chandler, Connor & Patrick (Barrington)
Third Place - “Water Warriers” – Nash Hurley, Bill & Oscar Birmingham, John Lanza (Jamestown)

Unlimited Class

First Place - “The Smurfs” – Jackie Boyer and crew (Taunton, Ma.)
Second Place – “Sea Goals” – Ethan O'Neil and crew (South Kingstown)
Third Place - “Army Strong” – Emma Lennon and crew (Jamestown)

Special Awards

Karl Smith Most Ingenious Design: “Just Ducky” Henry, Catie & Chris Lyon, Cam Hutt, Charlene & Larry Clockspile (Shrewsbury, Ma)
Worst Example of Naval Architecture: “Up ^” – Brian Arseneau (Pittsfield, Ma)
Frank Newman Judges' Award:
“Prep Chefs” Mandy & Winkle Kelley, Gabby Wheeler (Newport)

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