The Jamestown Yacht Club's

35th Annual Fools' Rules Regatta

12 August 2012

"Fools' Rush In"

(published in The Jamestown Press )

Fools' Rules Regatta once again a success
On behalf of the Jamestown Yacht Club, I would like to thank everyone who made the 35th annual Fools' Rules Regatta another success.  A weather postponement on Saturday and threatening weather Sunday morning did not discourage our hardy participants.  Thirty-six "vessels" were constructed and raced as hundreds of spectators laughed and cheered.
This event would not have taken place without the support and efforts of many individuals and organizations.
First and foremost, thanks to my wife Candy for doing all the publicity, organizing and running the registration and awards ceremony, and most of all keeping the chief fool in line.
A special thanks to the regatta's committee: Colette Baker, Mark Baker, Dureen Bryer, Linda and John Flinton, Jack Heelan, Courtney McIntyre and Willie McLean for registration and beach support.  Also thanks to Winston Knight for taking charge of the parking with the help of Rosemary Burns and Carol Nelson-Lee.
Thanks to Rick Anderson and Vic Calabretta for manning the chase boats.  A big thank you to Jamestown Harbormaster Sam Paterson for on-the-water support, and to the Conanicut Yacht Club and Bill Munger at Conanicut Marine Services for providing a chase boat.
A big thanks to Jill Anderson and Larry and Betty Buckley for managing the T-shirt sales.  Special thank you to Noa Teplow Juarez for providing the artwork, and John Mecray for lettering the official 2012 T-shirt.  The chief fool is honored.
Thanks to the Jamestown Town Council for allowing us to use the East Ferry beach, and to the Jamestown Youth Litter Corps and the Recreation Department for cleaning and raking the beach before the event.  Thanks to the Public Wrorks Department, especially Brian Dutra, for helping to set up the traffic control.  A special thanks to officers James Chaves, Kyle Endres and Ted Hebert of the Jamestown Police Department for providing traffic control during the event.  Thanks to David Martin of Stearns Farm Real Estate for allowing us to hang our banner on their fence.  Thanks to the Conanicut Yacht Club for the loan of the starting cannon.  A very special thank you to Mark Baker and Eco-tour Expeditions for developing the postponement signs at the very last minute.
This event would not be possible without the continued support of the Burgess, Andrews, Noble, Hubbard and Gaither families for allowing us to use the field above the Shoreby Hill green for parking.  Thank you very much.
Finally, to all who enjoy this wacky event and laughed at themselves and others: Thank You.
Chris Powel
Chief Fool
Fools' Rules Regatta

2012's Results

Class One

First Place - “Going for Broke” – David Jutras (Foster)
Second Place - “Pokemon 2012” – Adele Feldberg (Potomac, MD)
Third Place –

Class Two

First Place - “M&M” – Matt & Alyssa Gibbs (Jamestown)
Second Place - "Spin Doctors” – Ray & David Way (Warwick)
Third Place – “Champion” – Griffin O'Farrell & Connor Bois (N. Kingstown)

Class Three

First Place - “Spriley” – Paul, Spencer & Riley Sprague (Jamestown)
Second Place - “Team USA” – Gary Giannini, Dave Burdick, Pat Mullen (East Granby, CT)
Third Place - “The Bobby's Revenge” – Daniel & Benjamin Gemma, Andrew Mancini (Barrington)

Unlimited Class

First Place - “Bi-Polar Express” – Henry & Matt Lyon, Jon Baron, James Gallagher, Dan Hochberg (Shrewsbury, Ma.)
Second Place – “Sail Mary” – Ethan & Nolan Roach, Tyler McNamara, Michaela Krout, Grampy (Jamestown)
Third Place - “Dyin' Mayan” – Tom Harris, Emma Vogel (Jamestown)

Special Awards

Karl Smith Most Ingenious Design: “By-Polar Express” - Henry  & Matt Lyon, Jon Baron, James Gallagher, Dan Hochberg (Shrewsbury, Ma)
Worst Example of Naval Architecture: “Narwhal” – Matthew & Brad Freden (Jamestown)
Frank Newman Judges' Award:
“Dyin' Myan” - Tom Harris, Emma Vogel (Newport)

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