The Jamestown Yacht Club's

37th Annual Fools' Rules Regatta

August 2014

"That sinking feeling"

(published in The Jamestown Press )

Thanks to those who made regatta a success

On behalf of the Jamestown Yacht Club, I would like to thank everyone who made the 36th annual Fools’ Rules Regatta another terrific and successful event. Thirty-seven vessels competed in this year’s regatta, with teams and participants from as far away as Florida. The day was beautiful with a fluky northwest breeze, which tried to take some of the intrepid fools to Newport.

As usual, this wonderful event would not be possible without the support and help of many individuals and organizations. First and foremost, I want to thank to my wife Candy for doing the publicity, organizing and running the registration, and keeping the chief fool on task. Thanks to my brother Matt for helping me set up the parking lot on a rainy Friday.

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A very special thank you to a great Fools’ Rules Regatta committee: Mark Baker for getting up early to set up the beach and helping with the starts, Dureen Bryer and Linda Flinton for registration, and John Flinton, Jack Heelan, Willie Maclean and Tom Weaver for beach support. A big thank you to Winston Knight and his “somebody has got to do it” parking team of Chris Brown, Rosemary Burns, Ann Devereux, Peter Ellsworth, Samira Hakki and John Impagliazzo. Thanks to Rick Anderson, Chris Brown, Tony Pensa and Sennett Duttenhofer for manning the safety boats. Thank you to several kayakers who assisted our safety boats in guiding wayward vessels back on course. Thanks to Jamestown’s assistant harbormaster Joe Falcione for his on-the-water support, and Bill Munger at Conanicut Marine Services for providing a safety boat.

A big thank you to Larry and Betty Buckley and Jill Anderson for managing the T-shirt and hat sales. A special thank you to Kate Shaw, one of Candy’s former nursing students at Salve Regina University, for providing the artwork for the official 2013 T-shirt, and thanks to John Mecray, our T-shirt design consultant.

Thanks to the Jamestown Town Council for allowing us to use of the East Ferry beach, and the Jamestown Youth Litter Corps and Recreation Department for cleaning and raking the beach before the event.

Thanks to the Public Works Department, especially Brian Dutra, for helping to set up the traffic control. A special thanks to Patrol Officers Ted Hebert, Pierre Pages and Keith Woodbine of the Jamestown Police Department for providing traffic control during the event. Thanks to David Martin of Stearns Farm for allowing us to hang our banner on their fence. Thanks to the Conanicut Yacht Club for the use of the starting cannon.

This event would not be possible without the continued support of the Burgess, Andrews, Noble, Hubbard and Gaither families for allowing us to use the field above the Shoreby Hill green for parking. Thank you very much.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who enjoys this wacky event and laughed at themselves and others. It is truly fun. See you next August.


Chris Powel
Chief Fool
Fools' Rules Regatta

2014's Results

Class One

First Place - “Tubie" - Allen Rushlow (Pawtucket)
Second Place - “Comfy" - Ori Elbaum (Jamestown)
Third Place – No 3rd place winner - only 2 boats in class

Class Two

First Place - “Russian Soldier Artillery Mushroom III" (R-SAM) - Connor Smith & Ian Bryer (Jamestown)
Second Place - "2 Stooges" - Gabriel Satomayor & George Lemmon (Jamestown)
Third Place – “Cat Fish X" - Jazz Sussman Moss & Tasha Sussman Moss  (East Grennwich)

Class Three

First Place - "Schadenfreude" - Sadie, Phill & Clay Haun (Jamestown)
Second Place - "Polar Express" - Ava White, Tim Clancy & a 3rd unnamed crewmember  (Jamestown)
Third Place - "Minecraft" - Victoria Knight-Cannoni, Kate & Louis Cannoni (Jamestown)

Class Four

First Place - "The Mattress Queen" - Matt & Alyssa Gibbs, Jon & Reagan Sanchez (Jamestown)
Second Place - "Orca" - Zach Rodrigues, Zach Davis, Greg & Mike McVeigh   (Attleboro, MA)
Third Place - "Beach Street Breakfast Club" - Chris Fuller, Joshua Gann, Alex Szessey, Chantelle Goldthwaite (Warren)

Unlimited Class

First Place - “Piece of Ship” – David & Brian Volpe & crew  (Jamestown)
Second Place – “CISF Dolphins” – Stookey, Drake & Myles families (Jamestown)
Third Place - No 3rd place winner - no other boat reached the finish line

Special Awards

Karl Smith Most Ingenious Design Award - "Beach Street Breakfast Club" - Chris Fuller, Joshua Gann, Alex Szessey & Chantelle Goldthwaite (Warren)
Worst Example of Naval Architecture Award - “Quintimarang" - Amina Brown & crew (Jamestown)
Frank Newman Judges' Award -
“S. S. Port-a-John" - Tracy Bolton & Grant Given (Portsmouth)

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