The Jamestown Yacht Club's

41st Annual Fools' Rules Regatta

August 18, 2018

Below are the results from Saturday’s very successful Fools’ Rules Regatta in Jamestown.   Chris Powel


(published in The Jamestown Press )


2018's Results

Class One

First Place - “Release the Quackin” – Sadie Haun (Jamestown)
Second Place - “The Sea Section" - Cathy McCarthy (Newport)
Third Place – No boat placed third

Class Two

First Place - “75 Winks” - Winkle & Mandy Kelley (Jamestown)
Second Place - “Krusty Krushers” – Jason Sturges, Tyler Beck (Tiverton)
Third Place – “Snail Boat ” – Phil "Goldie" Haun & Adrienne Schuettke (Rumford)

Class Three

First Place - “Sail Mary” – Nolan Roach, Fin Roach, Grampy Fennell (Jamestown)
Second Place - "Unsinkables" - Lukas, Ruby, Brooklyn Oakley (Jamestown)
Third Place - "Bolt" - Sean, Connor, Grant Doyle (Jamestown)

Class Four

First Place - “Lotus Quarlie Shinger” - Kate Mylies, Kate Rivers, Annika Stookley, Amanda Rivers (Jamestown)
Second Place - “HMS Implication” - Ryan Hirsh, Jase Smith, Stephen Trempel, Mike Ferris (Bethlehem, PA)
Third Place - "Jibby 77" - Salim Davis, Assma Idbaphmane, Chaima Idbahmane, Axaub Idbahmane (Newport)

Unlimited Class

First Place - “Great in 68” - Jill & Bob Bendick and crew (Jamestown)
Second Place – “Sky Dog” – David Tersegno & crew (Providence)
Third Place - "Das Boat" - Alex Carney (Jamestown)

Special Awards

Karl Smith Most Ingenious Design Award - “Release the Quacker" – Sadie Haun (Jamestown)
Worst Example of Naval Architecture Award - “Toxic Bubble Wrap Boat” – Paul Raston, Ryan Early, Rohan Jack (Newport)
Frank Newman Judges' Award -Das Boat” – Alex Carney (Jamestown)

Pictures courtesy of Gary Engelson




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