Guidelines For The Use Of The
JYC Mooring in Block Island New Harbor

The position of the mooring is 41 deg 11.283 min, 71 deg 34.894 min.

We made a call to the Harbor Master on Block Island as the application language was not entirely clear cut.  Any member in good standing who flies a club burgee from the mast is eligible to use the mooring.  There are members who do not own boats, or who may borrow a boat or charter a boat.  They are welcome to utilize this Club asset, as it is not solely for Club members who are also boat owners who are also boat owners.  This Corinthian spirit stuff pops up here again.  We would hope that no Club member charters their boat and then allow a nonmember to use the spot.   The New Shoreham Harbor master will have a copy of member names as well as boat names.  Their policing responsibility will partially be based upon this information.

We would encourage members to visit the Message Board for the mooring and express their feelings and experiences.  We will be re-discussing this at the end of the season.  This information will help us as we review and perhaps modify our policy.

Created by Roy Guay 08/02/03