The Junior Report
The potluck supper was a success!  Everybody had a great time!  I think that we made a big profit on selling the penny candy.  Everyone was really anxious about that!  A lot of kids brought their change and bought a lot of candy.  The petition to allow boogie boards at Mackerel Cove was a big success.  We got 21 signatures!  We thank everyone for signing.  We hope that we can get the boogie boards at Mackerel Cove.  Everyone seemed to like Dr. Juggles; he could balance a chair on his nose.  We thank everyone for coming and hope you had a great time.   If you have any suggestions for activities that you would like to do with the JYC kids email me or call me.  Cate  April 2004


    Hi Everybody! I just started this website and I am asking for any suggestions on it. You can E-mail me at american238 @ . If you have any suggestions on what we should do for activities and such, you can also e-mail me. I hope you have fun!

Kikimuit River 6/14/03  Block island 7/11/03  Cruise 7/26/03 - 8/3/03  Fools Rule Regatta 8/16/03  Family day 9/6/03


Here are the pictures of us that we drew when we were on the cruise. They will be on the flag too. The girls are on the top and the boys are on the bottom.

On June 14-15 we will be going to the Kikimuit river for a weekend. Personally I love it there. Bring your bathing suits because the water is really warm!

On July 11- 12 we will be going to Block Island. Block island is a very fun place to be and they have great beaches.
 They also have alot of little shops where you can shop around.

On July 26-31 we will be going on the JYC yearly cruise.  We go to a lot of different places. It is so much fun. Bring your props because we are going to do the plays again. The next one is on Sara Soda. In the past the plays have been: The Death of Margaret starring Erin Brennan as Margeret and Missing Lorilie Starring Amina Brown as Lorilie. We got lots of oreos from Doctor Oreo!

On August 16 is when the 26th annual Fools Rules Regatta will be held. In case you don't know, this is when you make your own boat out of things that are not boat materials! This is a very fun event.

September  6  is family day. It is a fun filled day with a clam bake and a mini Triathlon for kids.

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