2005 Activities

21 October - The annual membership was held tonight.  The following slate for the board was voted on and approved: Commodore - Mary Brennan, Vice Commodore - Andrew Kallfelz, Rear Commodore - Allen Baines, Secretary - Gretchen Bradley, Treasurer - Bruce Underhill, Member-at-large - Jen Cone & Eileen Muldoon.  Nominations were taken from the floor for the following awards: Junior Sportsmanship, Junior Achievement, Kit Wright Community Service Award and US Sailing Sportsmanship Award.  The winners will be announced at the 18 November Awards Banquet.  The following will be donated to with the profits from the Fool's Rules: Jamestown Emergency Management Services, Jamestown Education Foundation, NK High School Sailing Team, Home Heating Assistance, Jamestown Fire Dept, and Jamestown Welfare Director.

2 October - The Fall racing season is over and thus another year of racing is over.  We had a tremendous group this year and it was great to see all of you out there.  I was able to get more pictures up this year in the summary sheets.  Sorry about that if I didn't get you this year; maybe next year.  I hope all enjoyed the racing this year.

23 August - Another Summer series is over after tonight's race.  We had a record season with 70 boats registered and 43 qualified.  I hope all enjoyed the season (I can't believe it is over!).  See you next Tuesday for the start of the Fall Series.

21 August - Pictures are now posted for the Fools Rules Regatta held 13 August.

3 August - The results are posted for last night's race now.

28 June - Fog galore!  A bunch of brave soles raced in the fog this evening.

14 June - 1st Summer Race has just occurred.  We have a sport boat class this year and it is big; wonderful.  Also see this year's Cruising schedule on the Cruising page.  All posted from Bermuda.

24 May - Racing was canceled today due to excessive winds.

18 May - Sorry about that.  Due to Steve McInnis being on travel and a mixup in communications, I didn't get the results till tonight.  They are now posted.  A and B classes are quite impressive.

8 May - The following documents were provided by NBYA for their racing series: announcement, NBYA Registration Form, Notice of

26 April - Congratulations to Meryl Nelson-Lee.  She is this years recipient of the Joshua Leonard Memorial Scholarship.  This scholarship is available annually ($100 per year) to an eligible person between the ages of 8 and 14 years for education or training related to nautical avocations.  Meryl will be using her scholarship to attend the sailing program at the Conanicut Yacht Club.

26 April - The following are new members of JYC: Raymond Lanza, Marguerite Mullaney, Francis Deboise and the families of John and Carol Baldwin, John and Gwenda Bellion, Donald Berrett, Mathew Cox and Lisa and Clayton Carlisle.

26 April - Skipper's Meeting was held at the Jamestown Country Club upstairs.  The 2005 Race Circulars were handed out by Steve McInnis.  Beluga will be doing Race Committee again.  Steve asked for volunteers to help out on Race Committee.  Steve noted that the new Racing Rules of Sailing are being used this year, 2005-2008.  The Race Circular is now posted for download in html and pdf formats (pdf for exact formatting like for the application and protest form).

18 March - The annual JYC potluck diner was held Friday March 18th at the PAC. Approximately 60 JYC members were in attendance. The food (as always) was varied and delicious. Samira prepared a slide show of many racing, cruising, and social activities enjoyed by JYC members throughout the past year. This entertaining show ran continuously throughout the evening. Alex Rienzo saved the evening for the younger JYC members - he had recently learned how to create balloon animals, and he generously made one for every child present. Once again penny candy was available for purchase for the children, and was immediately devoured by the youngsters.

4 February - Winter Dinner was held at the Salvation Cafe in Newport which was attended by 33 members.  The food was fabulous; entree and desert.  Besides meeting folks we haven't seen since at least the awards banquet or racing, Andrew Kallfelz gave a slide show presentation on the preparation of his boat to meet the safety requirements of the Newport To Bermuda Race last 2004.  Andrew also talked about the race to Bermuda and the return trip with pictures.  Andrew had to speak loud to overcome the noise of the heating system (we were on a patio which is converted for winter use and thus uses a portable heater).  It was a pleasurable evening.

1 January - H A P P Y    H O L I D A Y S

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