2017 Activites

20 Oct – The annual meeting was held at the newly renovated Fire House. The following is the slate for 2018: Commodore – Michael Schnack, Vice Commodore – Gary Engelson, Rear Commodore – Tim Pennington, Secretary – Colleen Schnack, Treasurer – Jack Rienzo, Member At Large – Bob Giffin, Membership Committee – Jean Lambert, Fleet Captain/Racing – Cheryl Rienzo, Cruising Committee – Lesley Engelson, Web Master – Roy Guay, Social Committee – Mary Griffin.

11 Sept – September’s JYC Courier is now posted.

13 Aug – Join us at Ft Getty for End of Summer Racing Party

12 Aug – Fool’s Rules Regatta postponed to tomorrow Sunday 13 August same time/place.  However the reggae band will still be playing on the green downtown today at noon!

24 July – Cruising schedule posted.

18 July – Thank you to all our racers who joined us in remembering our friend, fellow racer and cruiser, Vic Calabretta, this evening. What a lovely summer evening and the storms stayed away and the wind, while light, held through the race. This is exactly what JYC is all about….sharing time on the water with friends. See you out there next week! Regards,
Cheryl Rienzo, JYC Fleet Captain/Race Committee Chairperson

4 July – We had a beautiful night for the Crew Rotation. Not too much wind and a lovely sunset! We even had some good aggressive starts with an over early call. Sorry more folks didn’t come out for this fun race. Look for photos on the facebook page. See you next Tuesday, when we resume the Summer Series racing.
JYC Fleet Captain/Race Committee Chair

27 June – One of our longest ever Tuesday night races with good wind and the long day. Hopefully, you all enjoyed the courses! Reminder: next week on the 4th of July is our Crew Rotation race. Hope to see you on the water.
Cheryl Rienzo
JYC Fleet Captain/Race Committee Chairperson

13 June – Interesting night…. After a downwind start, folks got to fly spin on every leg as the storm went right around us! But much nicer temp then last week.

6 June – Spring season is over.  It was a cold night for the Race Committee even though racing tonight was canceled. Someone had to finalize the results for the season.

23 May – Interesting wind/tide conditions this evening. Race Committee had a difficult time choosing a course as the wind clocked around. Many, many thanks to North Sails for retrieving the course board we left on the dock! And many thanks to the racers for having your radios on to hear our courses while we waited for the course board.
Happy Memorial Day. See you on the water next Tuesday!

17 May – Last night’s results for Class C were corrected.  Also the Race Circular Changes and Reminders document is available for downloading.

22 April – The 2017 Race Circular is now posted for download.

22 February – The February Newsletter is posted.

9 February – The Joshua Wadsworth Leonard Sailing Scholarship is now open.

3 January – Wickford Yacht Club has invited JYC to the following.

What the heck is National White Shirt Day?  We don’t know, but it’s an idea so weird we just had to throw a party!

Wickford Yacht Club

Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 1800 hours – Guests are welcome!

$18 before 5th; $22 thereafter.
Cocktail of the Day:  White Russian (of course!)  Go to www.tinyurl.com/WYCFeb2017

1 January – H A P P Y    H O L I D A Y S