The Jamestown Yacht Club's

39th Annual Fools' Rules Regatta

August 13, 2016

Below are the results from Saturday’s very successful Fools’ Rules Regatta in Jamestown.   Chris Powel

"Fools rule once again"

(published in The Jamestown Press )


2016's Results

Class One

First Place - “Bahamian Potcake Rescue" - Nicole Drake (Jamestown)
Second Place - “Smiley Donut" - Jason Sturges (Tiverton)
Third Place – “Flamingal #1” - Easton Joyce (Newport)

Class Two

First Place - “It’s (Lit)erary" - Isabella and Alyssa (Jamestown)
Second Place - "Pool Party" - Alex and Mark Ashton (Jamestown)
Third Place – “Abbey Unrowed" - George Sturges & Michael Ludwig (Tiverton)

Class Three

First Place - "Pink Panther" - Gabriel Sotomayor, George Lemmon, & James Cripps (New-port)
Second Place - "Floating Flyer" - Jim, Jason & Jennifer Sturges (Tiverton)
Third Place - “HYC” - Lee Dumaliang, Rachel & Ian Bryer (Jamestown)

Class Four

First Place - “Team Tiger Boy” - Jesse, Trinity & Leo
Mischel & Deb White (Jamestown)
Second Place - “Swis Family” - Luke & Cooper Berthelot, Mark Swistak II & Mark Swistak III (Jamestown)
Third Place - “Chicken of the Sea” - Abby Brodin, Brady, Ethan & Owen Champlin (Jamestown)

Unlimited Class

First Place - “Sky Dog” – Maxmillian King & crew (Providence)
Second Place – “Banana Hammock” – Eric Therrien, Brian Brazil, Joe Wilkicki, Kevin Bresler, & Jim Kutter (Jamestown)
Third Place - “Inflate-unable” - Heidi Sakovits & crew (Jame-stown)

Special Awards

Karl Smith Most Ingenious Design Award - “Boatamajigger” – Sean & Connor Doyle (Jamestown)
Worst Example of Naval Architecture Award - “Porky Loves Apps” – Lily Burg, Matther, Kati & Julie Delaney (Jame-stown)
Frank Newman Judges' Award - “Banana Hammock” – Eric Therrien, Brian Brazil, Joe Wilkicki, Kevin Bressler, & Jim Kutter (Jamestown)

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